Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Prospecting with "The Waive"

Since making first impressions is critical to the sale you might as well start with a smile and a waive.

When conducting b2b cold calls in person, I will assume you have never been to the business or that you know who you are looking for (the decision maker).

Enter the the business and waive to the first person you see, it may be the receptionist or someone in an office or even people in the back of a warehouse. When you waive to a person it is human nature for them to waive back at you.

Waiving also reduces the awkwardness of entering a business you have never been before.

The waive is simple to do and anyone can do it. Start with a simple raise of the hand, and try not to shake your hand too much while in the air.

Catch "The Waive" and warm up your cold calls.

1 comment:

  1. Arthur,

    That a simply, yet powerful advice for everyone. The first impression is so important, and being a salesperson, it is almost make or break. A wave is just a gesture, yet it can determine a sale. The basics cannot be overlooked!